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NetSuite partners with JCurve solutions to deliver small business offering for Australian and New Zealand market

JCurve for Small Business, Powered by NetSuite, Delivers Integrated ERP, CRM, eCommerce Capabilities in a Packaged Solution that can be Implemented in Days

Sydney—18 June 2009—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business management software suites for mid-market enterprises and divisions of large companies, today announced that it has partnered with Australian start-up, JCurve Solutions Pty Ltd (, to offer a packaged version of NetSuite for the small business market.

Delivered as a hosted service over the Internet, JCurve for Small Business, powered by NetSuite, will offer a special version of NetSuite's market-leading, on-demand business management system for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and eCommerce functionality in a simplified package tailored for small businesses with 5 to 20 staff.

A highly affordable solution, JCurve for Small Business can be implemented in as little as one day and does not require as much of the additional configuration or consulting services usually associated with the version of NetSuite designed for mid-market companies and divisions of large enterprises.

"While NetSuite is focused on mid-size businesses and divisions of large companies, we recognise that small, fast-growing businesses have a great need for the kind of functionality that is only available from an Internet-based, integrated business management software suite," said Johnny Jones, VP, International Sales at NetSuite. "Partnering with JCurve Solutions allows us to make the NetSuite technology accessible and affordable for small business users in the Australian and New Zealand market while ensuring they receive the highest quality service and support."

JCurve Focused Solely on Small Business
CEO of JCurve Solutions, Daniel Perry, said the company was established in early 2009 specifically to leverage the opportunity to help small business users realise the value of NetSuite.

"Australia has more than half a million small businesses employing between 5 and 20 people which would benefit enormously from implementing JCurve for Small Business, powered by NetSuite, within their business. Most of these businesses typically run MYOB or QuickBooks alongside a standalone CRM, which means they are running multiple databases in addition to third party hosting of their websites, so they struggle to gain insights into their business."

Perry said the JCurve solution has been specifically designed to address the common challenges for small business owners such as limited resources, being time-poor and having to deal with the frustrations and inefficiencies of running multiple systems and databases with the inevitable duplication of data and processes. By using the hosted JCurve for Small Business, companies don't have to buy and maintain a server, reducing IT support costs, and don't have to pay additional website hosting fees.

"Small business owners need something that works with minimal fuss and bother," Perry said. "JCurve for Small Business does just that, delivering a complete CRM, eCommerce, financials and a supply chain solution that requires no capital investment and is delivered in the cloud via a standard Internet browser."

Perry said the JCurve solution is ideal for companies that manage stock like wholesale distributors and eCommerce companies or businesses whose staff operate out of multiple locations like professional service firms.

"We have applied our extensive experience in the small business market to tailor a package that is an 80 per cent fit for most small businesses and requires only minimal configuration as part of the implementation. Over time, we plan to develop a series of packages for micro-verticals that require even less set-up.

"As an independent distributor, we have the ability to bundle third party solutions with JCurve for Small Business and tailor vertical packages for niche markets, which is part of our longer term strategy. We've already sourced and integrated a Payroll solution that complies with Australian legislative requirements and will consider other solutions that meet the needs of our small business customers," he said.

Small Business Customers Quick to Embrace JCurve for Small Business
JCurve Solutions is enjoying early success with its new packaged offering. The Olive Centre ( on Queensland's Darling Downs is one of several early adopters of JCurve for Small Business. The Olive Centre supplies machinery and equipment to olive farmers around Australia and Director Amanda Bailey said the NetSuite solution gives her an integrated system that will save her team of five people enormous time.

"As a seasonal business — and we're in the middle of harvesting right now — when things are busy, they're really busy. We don't have time to waste on duplicated processes like updating pricing. With this solution, I can change a price and it's immediately reflected on the website and right across the system, which will help to make us far more efficient.

"I'd been looking at NetSuite, but the JCurve version is more affordable and much easier to implement. At times like these, businesses need to take a step back and look carefully at what they're doing and how they can do it better. JCurve for Small Business is an important part of that process for us and will allow us to do more and grow substantially without employing more people," she said.

Basil Karam, owner of Sydney-based online/offline furniture retailer, Life Interiors (, said that JCurve for Small Business will enable him to build a lean and efficient business that has a competitive advantage in the market.

"JCurve for Small Business is the only hosted solution that gives us an end-to-end process for accounting, CRM, supply chain and eCommerce, all under one umbrella. We will be able to drive efficiency, eliminate double-handling of information and work towards a paperless office, which will make us a more sustainable operation," he said.

"The fact that JCurve for Small Business is hosted by a global player like NetSuite is also very attractive since that means there will be substantial on-going investment in the platform. As we continue to expand and establish operations offshore, we have the confidence of knowing that JCurve for Small Business can easily scale to accommodate and support our growth," he said.

Engineering firm, Apathco (, signed up for JCurve for Small Business, powered by NetSuite, after winning Oceania distribution rights for the US-based Cypress Envirosystems' range of wireless sense and control solutions.

Apathco Executive Director, Todd Heslin, said their new diversification will require more sophisticated software systems than the company's previous MYOB platform. "We explored a range of options including SAP and Oracle, but JCurve for Small Business was clearly the best match for our needs, providing integrated functionality for ERP, financials, CRM and more to help us remain competitive and really understand where the costs are in our business.

"From day one, we've kept as much of our technology in the cloud as possible, relying on GoogleApps, GoogleDocs and Skype for much of our processing and communications, so JCurve for Small Business fits well with our philosophy. We also liked its ability to handle multiple currencies, exchange rates and distribution margins on multiple costs as we begin this new venture," he said.

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