Point of Sale

Deliver a Truly Spectacular In-Store Experience

Today's consumers move fluidly across shopping channels, from in-store to online over a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. And, they want a consistent and relevant brand experience regardless of the channel. Yet, the vast majority of transactions still take place in person, making the Point of Sale (POS) a vital piece of the customer experience. As part of NetSuite's customer-centric commerce platform, our in-store retail POS software makes it possible for retailers to deliver a high-quality, highly personalised omnichannel shopping experience.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver personalised service with a 360-degree customer view.
  • "Save the sale" with cross-channel inventory visibility and order fulfilment.
  • Increase productivity with an easy-to-use POS system and intuitive touch-screen interface.
  • Reduce fraud with multiple levels of security for associates and managers.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with quick checkouts with integrated payment processing.

Seamless Cross-Channel Functionality

Working together, NetSuite's modern retail POS and ecommerce platform enables you to bridge the gap across channels to fully service and satisfy your customers. Suddenly, you'll be able to offer convenient cross-channel processes designed to build customer loyalty:

  • Buy online/pick up in store.
  • Buy online/return to store.
  • Order in store/fulfil from anywhere.

Enhance the Store Experience

NetSuite's retail POS software helps your associates streamline and accelerate transactions and deliver timely personalised customer service. With a comprehensive transaction set and extensive search capabilities, associates can quickly and easily locate out-of-stock items and even offer instant promotions at the POS. At the same time, you'll capture detailed customer information used to create targeted offers and campaigns with NetSuite's CRM and marketing tools.

Extend Sales & Service with Mobile POS

The power of Mobile POS gives you the functionality of a traditional retail POS workstation, but packed into a network of mobile devices used to service customers anytime, anywhere. Sales associates can use mobile devices to review customer information, perform item lookups while on the sales floor, determine quantity on hand and even locate out-of-stock items to "save the sale." It's the ultimate convenience for conducting sales transactions with secure payments. Mobile POS enables you to get closer to your customer and deliver an experience they won't forget.