Company Updates

New NetSuite Program Rewards Customers and Community for Peer Referrals

By Ranga Bodla, VP of Field Marketing and Engagement, Oracle NetSuite
August 02, 2022

We are lucky to have a highly engaged community of customers, partners and independent consultants that know our product inside and out. This community has experienced the benefits of NetSuite first-hand, and often advocates on our behalf, recommending our products to peers at other organisations.

To recognise and reward our community, I‘m excited to announce a new referral program, SuiteReferral. The new program offers rewards and exclusive benefits to organisations that invite peers to join the NetSuite community, with no costs attached or ongoing requirements for membership.

Sharing in Success

SuiteReferral participants will receive a referral fee equivalent to 10 percent of the new customer’s first year license*.

As our community refers more organisations to NetSuite, they also receive the following membership benefits:

  • Bronze Membership: Organisations with five referrals or less per year receive:
    • Vouchers for NetSuite certifications
    • Discounted NetSuite training and support through Advanced Customer Support and Learning Cloud Support
    • Access to co-branded marketing materials, events, and webinars
  • Silver Membership: Organisations with five to nine referrals per year receive all Bronze-level benefits plus:
    • Exclusive access to NetSuite executives and early access to information on new service features and product releases.
    • Exclusive discounts to NetSuite customer products and custom NetSuite swag
  • Gold Membership: Organisations with ten or more referrals per year receive all Silver-level benefits plus:
    • VIP Access at SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual user conference
    • Exclusive access to SuiteGurus, a cohort of NetSuite Support subject matter experts who can provide technical support for various NetSuite product areas including Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing, Receivables & Payables Management, SuiteCommerce, and the SuiteCloud Platform.

We are excited to launch SuiteReferral as we believe it creates a win-win for all parties, including referrers, customers, and the greater NetSuite community. Learn more about SuiteReferral and get started here.

* If desired, organisations can opt out of the referral fee