Technological Improvement Leads to Fast Growth: From 400 to 2,000 Clients

Founded in 1981 in Colombia, Laboratorios Eufar manufactures and markets dental and biosecurity products for several countries in Latin America. Eufar guarantees the delivery of products in less than 48 hours, offers competitive prices and ships to more than 300 destinations in Colombia. The company's managers have defined a comprehensive growth strategy that utilizes modern technological solutions to deal with planning, purchasing and technical management.


Laboratorios Eufar


Bogotá, Colombia


Health, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution


19 (Laboratorios Eufar) and 5 (Fundación Gero)


2009 Accounting Software


SAP, Microsoft Dynamics


NetSuite OneWorld
Advanced Inventory
Work Orders and Assemblies
Advanced Financials
Light Manufacturing
Site Builder

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“The biggest change we've seen with NetSuite is the new sales channel. NetSuite allowed us to open our business to ecommerce. With this new sales channel, we went from 400 to 2,000 customers. And now we reach all 1,180 municipalities in Colombia.” Emiro Romero, Projects Director, Laboratorios Eufar

Company Finds a Modern Solution and Conquered Everything, Plus an Ecommerce Channel

Maintaining the company’s original philosophy
NetSuite provides Eufar with a technological platform that manages manufacturing, finance, accounting and CRM to guarantee digital innovation and international expansion. The biggest change in the company’s operations was with the opening of the ecommerce channel, where Eufar grew from 400 to 2,000 clients.
Best benefit is to have real-time information
NetSuite provides Eufar real-time accounting reports across 13 different Latin American countries with different rules, denominations and currencies. The company has increased efficiency and profitability, granted access to all information in real-time and provided the possibility to view orders directly from customers.
Employee development as a side effect
NetSuite’s platform was not originally available in Spanish but encouraged employees to develop new language skills to give them a professional advantage in the market. Eufar plans to keep growing with NetSuite and will adopt the SuiteCommerce Advanced program.


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