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Audioboom Goes Full Stream Ahead with NetSuite

Global podcasting publisher boosts financial operations, drives profitability, and automates manual tasks with NetSuite


Audioboom, the global podcast publisher, is using Oracle NetSuite to help support its mission to make podcasts more accessible and profitable for podcasters and brands. With NetSuite, Audioboom has been able to take advantage of an integrated business system to help improve financial operations and better support its growing service, which has helped brands deliver advertising campaigns and has generated over $200 million for creators since it was established.

Founded in 2013 and AIM-listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2014, Audioboom today publishes some of the biggest shows in podcasting, including F1: Beyond The Grid and Casefile, and works with brands such as Samsung, Bose, and LinkedIn to help them deliver advertising campaigns to engaged podcast listeners. To support its 34 million unique monthly listeners and expanding operations across North America, Europe, and Australasia, Audioboom needed to replace its accounting system as it was limiting growth opportunities. After careful evaluation, Audioboom replaced its previous system with NetSuite to help scale beyond its current $75m annual revenue, gain an accurate view into finances, automate manual processes, and manage the demands of being a publicly-traded organisation.

“Audioboom’s journey has been characterised by growth and taking advantage of new opportunities, and we need technology that can support those objectives at scale,” said Shaun Perkins, group financial director, Audioboom. “With NetSuite, we no longer have to work around the flaws of our bookkeeping system as we grow our operations. NetSuite gives us more flexibility and visibility, and that allows us to focus on profitability while remaining lean and efficient as an organisation. NetSuite does everything that we need it to.”

NetSuite has helped Audioboom consolidate, automate, and scale its financial operations on a single cloud business system. NetSuite has also enabled Audioboom’s finance team to improve data accuracy and save time by automating previously manual processes across reporting, bookkeeping, planning, and analysis, while also helping to reduce the time needed for month-end processes by 60 percent. Audioboom uses NetSuite to help run profitability analysis across each of its shows and uses insights from the system to help understand consumption patterns, advertiser engagement, and production costs, and to inform creative strategy. Audioboom is also working with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support to help automate payments to over 8,000 podcast creators, which will likely save further days’ worth of time each month. Audioboom is planning to use NetSuite Planning and Budgeting for more in-depth financial forecasting and productivity analysis.

“Audioboom is in the right place, at the right time, as it seeks to capitalise on the incredible demand for podcast content,” said Nicky Tozer, SVP, EMEA, Oracle NetSuite. “To achieve its goals, Audioboom needed more rigour and capabilities in its financial operations. With NetSuite, Audioboom now has a system that can support its expanding operations and keep the focus on efficient growth and the bottom line.”

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