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NetSuite Partners are Growing and Creating More Customer Success

By Chris Norfolk, Channel Director, EMEA
April 13, 2021

Two years on from its launch, our partners are telling us one thing loud and clear – SuiteLife(opens in new tab) is helping them grow their practice quicker, and enabling them to deliver the value of cloud ERP to customers sooner.

Since we launched SuiteLife, the way we work with partners continues to improve. For example, in the past year, partner engagement is up 23 percent in our virtual enablement sessions, and we’ve had 31 percent greater participation in our virtual SuiteWeek for training and onboarding. Meanwhile, we’ve continued to broaden our ecosystem and our partners are telling us they are expanding their teams faster thanks to accelerated consultant learning paths.

These numbers are important as they underline the fact that we are delivering on our goal: To make it as easy as possible for new partners to get up to speed. And the results speak for themselves. Globally, new Solution Providers are reaching their first NetSuite sale 63 percent quicker compared to last year, which indicates they are likely growing their business faster than ever before.

Meanwhile, despite everything that has happened in the last 12 months, customer demand for cloud ERP appears to be incredibly strong. In fact, our Solution Provider partners have generated 80 percent more new NetSuite customer logos year-on-year. I’m excited to share these results as they suggest SuiteLife has helped equip our partners with the comprehensive set of resources, certified training, and tools they need to help drive customer success.

Here is what some of our partners have to say:

“We’re approaching our 10-year anniversary of being a NetSuite Solution Provider, and in that time our business has gone from strength to strength, helping customers grow faster than ever,” said Alan Miles, NetSuite sales director, Eureka Solutions. “An innovation like SuiteLife has enabled us to take advantage of the extensive virtual training library to more effectively align to NetSuite and deliver greater value for customers.”

“Our relationship with customers is critical, and this is why our collaboration with NetSuite works so well,” said Kasi Färcher-Haag, head of NetSuite business development, PROMATIS group. “As a NetSuite partner and user, we have a thorough understanding of how it can add value to our customers and SuiteLife is critical to helping us constantly improve our knowledge and skillsets. This helps us ensure that our customers experience the real benefits of NetSuite and can take their time to focus on the expansion of their business.”

Building NetSuite BPO

And it’s not just SuiteLife that has made a huge impact as the NetSuite Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner Program has also expanded significantly since we launched it last year.

NetSuite BPO partners in EMEA are increasingly working with us to help manage and support their clients and customers across a range of service functions. For example, newly onboarded BPO partners, including Infinet Cloud, Adner Oy and Vistas Global WLL, are using NetSuite to help their clients improve visibility, control and agility to unlock new opportunities to grow.

“For us, the most exciting thing about joining the NetSuite BPO Partner Program is the opportunity it provides us to introduce both NetSuite and Infinet Cloud to a new, much wider audience,” said Tristan Day, general manager, Infinet Cloud. “We currently help hundreds of NetSuite customers manage their payroll using our on-platform solution. Regardless of industry or size, there are two common themes that customers strive for: efficiency; and live, to-the-penny analysis of financial information. By joining the BPO Partner Program, we are bringing a unique offering to our customers by enabling them to harness the power of NetSuite, and have their payroll managed by the same people who write the code.”

“The NetSuite BPO Partner Program will help us deliver quality service with a proven, standardised process,” said Jukka Iivonen, CEO, Adner Oy. “Our clients can now take advantage of increased cost-savings, a scalable model and, above all, very fast deployment compared to typical ERP projects. We will now be able to offer our services to smaller companies and thus expand our operations to a larger market.”

“We’re pleased to deploy NetSuite to our platform,” said Suraj Thampi, CEO, Vistas Global. “Organizations can benefit from Vistas Global’s Kliqbooks Platform Services to help manage financial performance, reporting, HR management, audit compliance and access real time analytics to drive profitability and growth. NetSuite’s BPO Partner Program complements our Kliqbooks offering and will be beneficial for entities in the region to assist with filing taxes and financial statements online.”